U6, U7 & U8 ADP+ FAQs


Q.) Can we invite friends that do not know about the program?
If their is still an open spot, they would need to meet their coach and see if they are a good fit. We do accept players year round with the hopes to build a large player pool to feed into the age group next year. Developing our own players is the key to having a successful program.

Q.) How often do we train?

The U8 ADP + trains 3 days a week for 1 hour 15 minutes and the U6 & U7 ADP + trains twice a week for 1 hour at our facility in Cypress Park.

Q.) Do we play games?

Yes, we will play games against other clubs. We are applying to the GHSL league right now. The U8 boys and girls will also have an additional  opportunity to play in tournaments. 

Q.) What is the commitment level?

This is an almost 10 month commitment from August - May. 

Q.) Do we travel?

Most of the games will be in Broward / Dade County area. However there will be opportunities to travel further for the U8 teams if the team wishes to participate. 

Q.) Can we bring a friend to try it out?

Yes! Contact the appropriate ADP + Director and set up a time to check out the program any time of the year.


Q.) What happens if soccer conflicts with another activity my child is doing? 

This is something that we will have to discuss together with you and your coach, it is recommended that you make every effort to to schedule activities around one another in the rare cases this is not possible we will do our best to find alternative ways for them to make up the time. 


Q) If we do not want to participate in ADP+ can we still do rec? 

Of course! The rec program is there for the enjoyment of all. 


Q) What happens if we miss training?

These things happen, we don't want your child to miss training but some things can not be helped, just keep your coach in the loop. 


Q) What uniform will they wear? 

The U8's will need a full uniform just like the competitive teams. 

The U6's and U7's will need have a partial uniform. All players will be required to buy this from soccer.com  (you will receive an email) so that it is ready for August. During peak months June, July & August) it can take 8-10 weeks to arrive. 


Q) How is this different from rec soccer? 

You will have a dedicated coach for the season, who will be responsible for your son or daughters development in a more personalized way. 

Each team and player will have goals and targets for development. 

There will be a set curriculum for the coaches to follow. 

Your child we receive a progress report every 5 months. 

They will learn about the game and the rules so that they can play against other clubs. 

Contact Information

Springs Soccer Club
Cypress Park
1301 Coral Springs Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33076

Phone: (954) 282-5215

Email: info@springssoccerclub.com