The following offenses constitute extremely serious violations of the club’s discipline

policy. Players must realize that the situations below represent actions that are

completely contrary to the codes and ethics of the club.


The club is only responsible for violations that occur at or during a club event. A club

event is considered to be any team function that is sponsored by SSC, or held at any of

our training or game facilities. For example: tournaments, practices, team parties, etc.

Violations that occur at non-sponsored club events will be taken into consideration,

according to the seriousness of the offense. Violations may result in extended suspension

or expulsion of the player from the club.


The player must attend the club games and practices, but will not be allowed to participate during the time of the suspension.  If a player violates any the above for the second time, they will be asked to leave the club immediately. Reinstatement back to the club will be considered, only if the player shows that they have received some form of rehabilitation. This decision will be made by the SSC Leadership Team and the coach.


These offenses include:

o Any possession and/or use of drugs, narcotics, controlled substances and/or

alcohol during any club event.

o Physically assaulting, sexually harassing, or threatening to assault any other

player(s), including opponents, trainers, referees, or club representatives.

o Theft

o Verbally abusing a trainer, referee, club representatives and/or other

player/opponent, including the use of foul language or racial slurs.

o Intentionally damaging club equipment and/or facilities.

o Conducting or participating in the hazing of another player during a club event.

The trainer, age group coordinator, Director of Coaching (DOC) and the Executive Director

(ED) will determine what type of punishment will occur to the offender(s) for any of the

above violations of club policy.


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