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Few youth sports programs are successful without the support of parents. Below are a few guidelines, which coaches can share with concerned parents who are striving to support their young athletes.

Sideline Behavior Tips and Questions for the Car Ride Home

Guidelines for Soccer Parents:

  • Cheer
  • Relax and Let Them Play
  • Yelling Directions = Distraction
  • Remember, They Are Your Kids
  • Have Reasonable Expectations
  • Meet with the Coaches.

Sideline Behavior:

  • Children want cheerleaders to applaud their success, not adults yelling instructions. Think of the soccer field as a playground and not as a sports venue.
  • What’s appropriate at a sport stadium with adult athletes is NOT appropriate for young children at play.
  • Focus on the process of playing and not the outcome.
  • Please know that any inappropriate conduct towards any other player, parent, referee, coach, ect. on the soccer fields will not be tolerated; and may result in ejection from the premises.


Good Questions on the Way Home:

  • Did you have fun today?
  • What did you think you did well today?
  • Did you learn any new moves?
  • Did you make new friends today?


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