Allowing coaches to make discretionary decisions on playing time is an important ingredient in SSC vision for teaching kids life lessons such as the importance of hard work, learning to be a genuine team player and overcoming adversity. We challenge coaches to balance good judgment with a genuine concern for the best interests of the team and the players as they make age-appropriate, discretionary decisions on playing time. Along those lines, we provide coaches with the following general guidelines for making playing time decisions.


Playing Time Factors:

Playing time should be determined by the coaching staff based on the following criteria:

1. Attendance and level of effort demonstrated during practice.

2. Overall attitude, respect, and commitment to team play demonstrated during practice and games.

3. Skill level demonstrated in practice and games.

Zone 1:  U9-U11 | *45%

Zone 2:  U12-U14 | *33%

Zone 3:  U15-U19 | *Coach’s Discretion


Note: Minimum playing time percentages are specific to a season (including tournament and league games) and not specific to an individual game.


State Cup Exception

During State Cup games, coaches may use their discretion with regard to minimum playing time guidelines in order to afford the team the best possible chance of being successful, given an understanding of the team dynamic.


Playing Time for Goalkeepers

It is optimal for a coach to split time with two GK’s. If this is not possible then each GK should be give the opportunity to play full games. When a GK struggles, the coach shall have the right to sit that GK in favor of the GK that gives the team the best chance of being successful.

State Cup Exception: During State Cup, the coach reserves the right to stay with one GK for the duration of the tournament.


Players and parents have the right to discuss their concerns about playing time and the coaches have the responsibility to address these concerns from players and parents with clear and concise direction as to what the player needs to focus on in order to earn more playing time.


However, it is not appropriate for a player or parent to approach a coach before, during, or immediately after a game regarding playing time concerns. If a parent wishes to discuss a player’s playing time, the parent should make an appointment with the coach to discuss his or her concerns via a phone call, email or a face-to-face meeting at a later date.


If a coach is approached by a parent before, during or immediately after a game, the coach should ask the parent to make an appointment at a later date to discuss the issue.


If a coach refuses to meet with the parent to discuss playing time, the parent should bring this issue to the attention of the Director of Coaching to facilitate the conversation.


Coaches who fail to meet with parents upon request shall be subject to reprimand, to be dealt with by the Director of Coaching on a case-by-case basis.



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