Travel Miles
Coaches will be reimbursed for travel miles for regular season games and tournaments when the destination is in excess of 60 miles from the main training field.

Mileage will be reimbursed per annual IRS guidelines; see link for current reimbursement rates; in 2019 that rate is .58 cents per mile.


If the distance from main training field to the destination is shorter than from the coach’s home to destination, the employee must count the shorter of the two distances.

Teams shall be responsible for reimbursing their coach’s out-of-area travel expenses as follows:


Regular Season League Games

Travel to League games in excess of 60 miles (120 mile round trip) from the main training field shall be covered by the team. Distances inside of 60 miles (less than 120 mile round trip) are considered part of the coaches’ agreement with the club and reimbursement of expenses will not be permitted.



Tournament travel mileage will be covered on the same basis as regular season league.  


Meals and Incidental Expenses (IE)
The club follows the federal government’s 2019 General Services Administration per diem guidelines ( The per diem for meals and IE can only be claimed for overnight trips.  Meals shall be paid on a per diem basis of $55.

  • Breakfast = $13
  • Lunch = $14
  • Dinner = $23
  • IE: $5 

In the event that the coach does not leave until after breakfast or lunch, he/she cannot charge the team for a full day’s per diem. In an effort to minimize team expenditures, coaches can only claim charges that are incurred rather than the full allowance. The daily per diem allowance cannot be rolled over into the next day. If a team pays for a coach’s meal, the coach cannot claim his/her per diem for that meal. If, for example, breakfast is included in the daily hotel rate, then a team is not responsible for paying that meal.


The per diem rate for lodging shall be whatever lodging arrangements are made at the “team hotel.”  With team approval, other arrangements may be made but the coach shall not be reimbursed in excess of the “team hotel” rate. Only the costs of overnight accommodation are covered. The coach is responsible for any miscellaneous expenses.



For long distance travel, the team shall pay for the coach’s airfare and necessary car rental fees and gasoline.  For long distances traveled by car, coaches are encouraged to travel with a family or look into renting an economy vehicle and charge the team for gas as this can be cheaper than the expenses associated with personal mileage.


Payment Schedule
Coaches should work with the Team Manager and/or Team Treasurer when booking coach travel expenses; it is common practice for the Treasurer to book coach travel expenses. It is acceptable for the manager or treasurer to book coach travel on their own card, and then be reimbursed from team fee funds. The manager should approve any treasurer reimbursements; the treasurer should approve all manager reimbursements. The treasurer should maintain all coach travel expense receipts in a file.

Assistant Coach
SSC does not reimburse assistant coaches expenses while traveling with the team. In the event an assistant coach requests travel reimbursement from its team, the assistant coach must submit the request to the Head Coach and Team Manager, who in turn must make the team’s parents aware of the request; the parents will decide whether or not to reimburse. In the event that an assistant coach is acting as a head coach at a tournament or game then the assistant coach will treated as head coach and expenses can be requested (the head coach reimbursement policy will be applied).


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